Ocean Kids

Location:University of Miami, Coral Gables



For the past four years, F.I.N.SEA Foundation has teamed up with the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (University of Miami) and various undergraduate organizations (e.g. Rho Rho Rho and the Marine Mammal Stranding Team) to host the annual “Ocean Kids” event for underprivileged, minority children of South Florida. We have reached out to over 500 elementary school students from local, high-needs education districts and brought them to the University of Miami campus for a day of fun, learning, and adventure. Our mission for these events is two-fold. We hope to reach out to the at-risk children of Miami, as well as utilize the marine science and conservation arena to inspire curiosity, excitement about learning, and confidence. Secondly, we hope to generate environmental awareness and stewardship in communities where it has been profoundly lacking.

Each year, 3rd grade students from schools such as Paul L. Dunbar Elementary, Holmes Elementary, Earlington Heights Elementary, Liberty City Elementary, and Miami Gardens Elementary participate in a series of hands-on marine science and conservation activities. All of these education stations are hosted by dedicated University of Miami undergraduates, under the mentorship of Dr. Jill Richardson (F.I.N.SEA Foundation Co-Founder), with themes such as “Touchable Tidals”, “Underwater Adventures”, “The Marine World Magnified”, “Electrifying Elasmobranchs”, and a “Race for Recycling”.

Donations from supporting businesses and organizations are invaluable to the success of Ocean Kids events. All sponsorships and in-kind donations are tax-deductible, and publicity for your business will be generated via Ocean Kids media coverage and event-related posters, banners, websites, and t-shirts. We cannot do this without the help and generosity of hundreds of individuals and business owners, and we are eternally grateful for your support!

Dolphin Exploration Lab

Location:Dolphins Plus, Key Largo

Dates:May 24th, 2008 and May 30th, 2009

Minimum Age:3rd Grade


This event brought the ocean to the students of South Florida, and thus, created perspective and vision for conservation and individual fulfillment. Dolphin Exploration Lab brought joy and inspiration to students who would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience the compelling world of marine science. Title I children from Odyssey Middle School and S.O.S. Children’s Village joined scientist and F.I.N.SEA Foundation Co-Founder, Dr. Jill Richardson, at Dolphin Plus in Key Largo for the day. They participated in an interactive dolphin swim program, (complete with handshakes, belly rubs, kisses, and dorsal tows!), marine science and conservation classes, hands-on learning activities (e.g. marine mammal care lab, fish preparation, and touch tank tour), an art project, games, and a BBQ lunch. At the end of the day, students were presented with certificates of participation and a photo to commemorate their F.I.N.SEA Foundation/Dolphins Plus experience. The smiles went on for miles! Each student left with a deeper appreciation for the marine environment and the organisms it supports, as well as a better understanding of how each person can contribute to the conservation of our planet and marine environments.


Student Beach Clean-up!

Location: Santa Monica Beach

Dates: March 28, 2009

Minimum Age: 3rd Grade



F.I.N.SEA Foundation encourages and supports young students’ interest to get involved in their community by looking for ways to improve the health of their local environment. This past Spring, 6th grade students from Paul Revere Middle School (Brentwood, CA), completed required community service hours by participating in a F.I.N.SEA Beach Cleanup near Santa Monica Pier. Enthusiasm was evident as they combed the beach, searching for common pollutants such as plastic bags, bottle caps, straws, cigarette butts, and soda cans. The students learned about the effects of pollution on the marine environment and what they can do to help reduce their local impact, while having fun and uniting as a team to fulfill this important mission. F.I.N.SEA Foundation welcomes motivated, passionate and inspiring individuals to reach out to underserved communities and get involved on a grassroots level with the objectives of our organization. Students, teachers, schools, parents, and members of the general Los Angeles community are all encouraged to contact F.I.N.SEA Foundation for these opportunities. It is our commitment to you to make these opportunities available and bridge the gap between science and the local community, so that each individual may realize his or her valuable role in promoting marine science education and environmental conservation.

Family Beach Day!

Location: Santa Monica Beach (in front of Tower 17)
parking available at Santa Monica Pier
or Bay St and Ocean Ave.

Date: Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Time: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Minimum Suggested Donation: $7.00

Family Beach Day welcomed all ages for a special day of fun, community and education in the sun with F.I.N.SEA Foundation and Yoga Angels. The day was spent exploring a variety of activities and demonstrations, while learning about the significance of marine conservation, as well as environmental and personal health and well-being. This extraordinary day of education and recreation served to unite the Los Angeles community and raise awareness about the valuable role we all play in the future of our youth and environmental sustainability.

Future Interests in Nature and the Sea (F.I.N.SEA) Foundation will offer hands-on marine science exploration activities for all to enjoy, hosted by Amy Diamond, Co-Founder and Director of F.I.N.SEA Foundation and established marine science educator. Highlights of the day will include ocean food web construction, slimy squid dissections, beach scavenger hunts, environmentally-friendly art projects, kids and family yoga, story-time, face painting, artistic henna tattoos, massage, tasty organic food and beverages, live music and drumming, fun prizes, complimentary gifts, and much, much more!

This event will benefit the charitable efforts of F.I.N.SEA Foundation and Your Kids Organization, 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations based in Los Angeles. Any contribution is greatly appreciated and will continue to support programs that educate and inspire underprivileged and at-risk youth communities.

Clean Our Beach, Clean Your Soul

Location: Santa Monica Beach

Date: August 18th, 2008

F.I.N.SEA Foundation and local athletic clothing store Lululemon Athletica joined forces for a day of cleansing our beaches, bodies and souls. This event was open to the Los Angeles community. Our enthusiastic group of “Green Warriors” charged the Santa Monica sand early Saturday morning, biodegradable trash bags in hand, on a mission to beautify the beach during the Scavenger Hunt Clean-Up Challenge! Prizes were awarded for accomplishments such as most trash collected, most unusual item found on the beach, grossest item found, and many others. Organic food and beverages, music, and surprise gifts complimented this special day.

The day’s events culminated in an empowering yoga session led by Santa Monica’s own yogi extraordinaire, Kia Miller, inspiring and allowing each participant time to reflect upon the work they accomplished and the impact they made on our planet’s beaches and oceans. This event provided the forum necessary to observe first-hand the detrimental impacts of coastal pollution and encouraged discussion of the actions each of us can take to promote environmental conservation in both our local and global community.

Upcoming Dates: Spring/Summer 2010


To make donations to the F.I.N.SEA Foundation, please mail your contribution to either of the addresses below
(checks payable to "FINSEA Foundation")

For more information or learn how to get involved, please contact:

c/o Amy Diamond-Bridges
12953 Panama St
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 367-6518
c/o Dr. Jill L. Richardson
136 Fairwich Ct
Tavernier, FL 33070
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